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About Repairing Your Piano

There thousands of parts that wear, break, become loose or become too tight. These can all affect how your piano plays and how it sounds. Your technician should always be making small adjustments to keep your instrument playing properly. It just takes a few extra minutes each time they tune your piano,but over time can make a big difference. If your piano has major mechanical problems, your piano tuner can help with those as well.

In order to be able to play the piano reasonably well, each key needs to play, feel, and sound just like the ones that are next to it. If one note is loud and the one next to it is soft, it becomes nearly impossible to control the piano. This is very frustrating and takes the fun out of playing. It makes learning very difficult too.




A model of the piano action


A Model of the Grand Piano Action

piano action diagram



Piano Repair in Richmond Va

As you can see in the diagram above, the piano action has 58 parts for each key or note, most of which are made out of wood. Multiply that by 88 for the 88 notes on a piano and you have over 5000 parts in the action alone. Small changes due to moisture or wear from playing can significanty affect how well or how even the piano will play.

These parts can also break, or the screws holding them in place can loosen allowing the parts to move and not work at all as they should.

When your piano is tuned, often these problems show themselves to the piano technician and he can most often correct them for a very minimal charge, and oftentimes for free. This can improve playability and prevent greater damage down the road.

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